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Workshop highlights at ICS 2015 in Montreal

Monday 07 Sep 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Education Committee is offering a tremendous array of workshops at the ICS 2015 meeting in Montreal. ICS members who have expertise in an area have generously taken their time to chair and/or participate in workshops aimed at training their fellow ICS members in a variety of topics. All the workshops have a multidisciplinary nature and as a result, present a terrific opportunity to learn from our colleagues in a variety of fields. Workshop topics are wide ranging and include:

In addition, several ICS committees are offering workshops within their purview. These workshops have the added advantage of being free. No registration is required for these workshops, they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis based on the room capacity. Committee-generated workshops are similarly interdisciplinary and topics include:

The Ethics Committee workshop (W17) is worth highlighting because it was developed in response to a survey of members attending the ICS 2014 meeting in Rio requesting such a course. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the precepts and principles underlying modern medical ethics. Discussions will also be held on reporting of financial relationships and ethics in conduct and publication of research. Cases presentations will highlight the principles of ethics that are presented. This workshop is free.

Another workshop worth highlighting is one on Promoting an Evidence-Based Approach to Quality Continence Care for Frail Older Adults (W10), the aim of which is to provide an overview of contemporary research about the assessment and management of lower urinary tract symptoms in frail older adults and to describe the implications of this research for policy, research, and practice.

This year we have the exciting opportunity of offering a workshop on How to Build an Evidence-Based Guideline – Important Epidemiological Principles (W23). The workshop will cover material that is very important but not often presented at venues with easy access to our membership. This workshop will provide important background knowledge to enhance the quality of future guidelines, focusing on the impact of the setting from which evidence arises, interpretation of associations (risk factors), especially Odds Ratios for common conditions, and statistical significance and clinical relevance of treatment outcomes.

Many other workshops are offered in addition to the ones briefly highlighted here. You can find them all listed here or on the ICS 2015 programme. Don’t forget to register or attend the session early - for the first come, first served sessions! We look forward to seeing you in Montreal next month!

Article by Margot Damaser on behalf of the Education Committee

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