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Watch the latest videos from ICS 2015

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Have you seen the latest videos from ICS 2015? We already have 5 videos available online from live Q&As to one to one interviews. Watch the latest videos from ICS 2015 today.

  • Scott Hultgren Q&A-ICS 2015 State of the Art Lecturer Scott Hultgren takes time to answer questions from delegates and discuss immunity, biofilms and clinical prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections.
  • Derek Griffiths Q&A-ICS 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Derek Griffiths discusses his career in Urodynamics with ICS Publications & Communications Committee Chair Jacqueline Cahill and other ICS delegates.

We also have interviews with abstract presenters:

  • Peter Rosier - Abstract #251. Abstract #251: Intra-Prostatic Protrusion Shows a Typical Urodynamic Pattern on Pressure Flow Analysis.
  • Marie-Astrid Denys - Abstract #7. Abstract #7: Haptoglobin Polymorphism – an Explanation for Global Polyuria?
  • Muhammad Arif - Abstract #271. Abstract #271: Diagnosing Bladder Outlet Obstruction Using Non-invasive Decorrelation Based Ultrasound Imaging: a Feasibility Study in Healthy Male Volunteers.

You can view all of the above videos on ICS TV available online here.

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