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ICS and ICI, Tokyo 2016

Thursday 05 Nov 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Preparations for ICS hosting the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI) at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Tokyo next year are well under way. Committee Chairs have been working hard with the 6 members of the steering group to form their committees - to view this information please 'click here'. The International Consultation on Urological Diseases ICUD has been involved in approving the arrangements as decisions are made. ICS is providing administrative support for the meeting and both ICS and ICI are responsible for gaining sponsorship for the event and the 6th ICI guidelines book.

The cost of hosting the ICI has been budgeted for by the Board; the costs are made up of a discount for committee members to register for the annual scientific meeting and partial payment of expenses for committee chairs and the steering committee (paid upon receipt of the completed work). ICS also provides some administrative support and help with infrastructure. We are also working with Oxford University Press on publication of 6th edition of the book "Incontinence".

At our annual meeting, ICI presentations will be held over the first two days, with our usual high quality ICS workshops running in parallel. All efforts will be made to limit topic clashes so that delegates can attend workshops and ICI sessions that are most relevant to them. We are pleased to confirm that ICI sessions are open for all meeting delegates at no cost.

We hope that many of you who plan to attend ICS 2016 will also find time to attend the ICI presentations at the concurrent meeting to hear the updated findings of this widely respected and quoted organisation's guidelines.

Travel grants for ICS 2016
We are very pleased to announce, that for 2016 the ICS has more than doubled the level of support available for conference travel awards. This is in recognition of the challenges for certain key groups in attending an annual meeting in Japan. The award will cover conference registration, registration for one workshop and up to £1,000 in financial support to assist with travel and accommodation. To read more about the award and eligibility criteria click here.

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