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Nurses Programme Highlights for ICS 2016

Thursday 17 Mar 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS meeting in Tokyo in September 2016 will be an exciting one for nurses and we encourage you to attend.

###ICS Nurses Forum - Wednesday 14th 14:30-17:30
The Nurses Forum will focus on advanced practice continence nursing with international speakers discussing how they implement the role in various settings. This session is free to all registered delegates.

###Nursing Focused Workshops
The Education Committee has plenty of workshops that will be of great interest to nursing colleagues.

Diane Newman is chairing a workshop on "Evidence Based and Urologic Applications of Urologic Catheters". This workshop will provide a comprehensive review of urologic catheters, their indications, use and complications. It will provide updated evidence based guidelines and include a “hands on” session. Catheter types as well as hospital acquired CAUTI will be reviewed.

The Nurses Committee has planned a workshop entitled "Nurses Leading Continence Care", co-chaired by Donna Bliss and Wakako Satoh. Assessment and management of UI in cognitively impaired older adults will be discussed with a focus on the role of prompted voiding. The prevention and management of postpartum UI / retention and the role of pelvic floor muscle training will be reviewed. Interpretation and application of urodynamics in nursing practice will also be covered by the speakers. Case presentations will promote audience participation. This workshop is free and will be translated into Japanese.

For nurses working in pelvic floor health there are many physiotherapy workshops which will be of interest to your practice as a nurse. Bary Berghmans will chair “From pelvic floor muscle training to functional training in women with urinary incontinence; bottom line solution for adherence?” Something, as nurses we continually strive for in our patients.

The Physiotherapy committee is holding a workshop entitled “Conservative Management of Adult Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: a Physiotherapy Approach”.

The ICS Childrens and Young Adults Committee have a very interesting workshops for those nurses working with children entitled “Transitional Care for Continence in Congenital Malformation: What to do and when.”

###Round Tables
There are a range of Round Table discussions each day of the meeting but we have picked out a few here that may be of particular interest to nurses attending.

Self-Management Evidence and Practice chaired by Katherine Moore which will give an excellent summary from Cara Tannenbaum on the Management of LUTS. Self Management of Anal Incontinence will be covered by Heidi Brown and Mary Wilde will talk about Self Management Intervention for Indwelling Catheter Users. Rona Agnew will finish with Cost effective practice.

Incontinence Care for Geriatrics chaired by Adrian Wagg and featuring Kathleen Hunter discussing Conservative Treatment.

Post-Prostatectomy LUTS chaired by Ervin Kocjancic featuring Mandy Fader talking about Intermittent catheterisation and LUTS management.

Others of interest may be Difficult Defecation and Constipation and Prevention of SUI and maternal care

###Register now for as low as $200! USD

We have great registration offers for nurses attending, including fantastic discounts if you become an ICS Member. If you are a regional delegate we are offering further discounts and for the first time ever a day rate for Wednesday 14th September.

We hope to have a good representation from Nurses attending the ICS in Tokyo and hope to see you there.

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