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1 week until nominations and 2020 bid deadline close

Wednesday 23 Mar 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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There is only 1 week left to left to apply for ICS Committee positions and to submit your bid to host ICS 2020!

2020 Annual Meeting bids
Are you in North America? Would you like to host the 2020 ICS Annual Meeting in your city? Now is your chance! Applications to host the 2020 ICS Annual Meeting are being accepted until 1 April 2016. For more information click here, to download the Bid to Host guidelines click here.

ICS Committee Positions
Would you like to make a difference to the future of the ICS? Now is your chance as numerous positions are available. The full list of committee and Trustee positions that are open for application are available below:

##Elected Positions

-- --
ICS Board of Trustees Treasurer (any profession)
ICS Board of Trustees Trustee (any profession)
Scientific Committee Clinical Representative
Scientific Committee Nursing Representative
Developing World Committee Chair (any profession)

Download Elected Application form

ICS policy on campaigning

Campaigning for ICS elected positions is not permitted by applicants or members. Any campaigning, be it positive or negative, will result in the disqualification of the candidate. The Board of Trustees’ judgement will be final in determining whether a candidate has engaged in positive or negative campaigning. Negative campaigning is not permitted by any candidate or ICS member and will be considered a violation of the ICS Code of Conduct. This policy is in effect at all times and for any position.

##Committee Positions

-- --
Children and Young Adults Committee 1 position – Physiotherapist
Ethics Committee 5 positions (to include at least one nurse and one non-clinical representative)
Neuro-urology Promotion Committee 4 positions (to include at least one nurse and one colorectal representative)
Nursing Committee 1 position (Nurse)
Publications & Communications Committee 3 positions (any profession)
Physiotherapy Committee 1 position (Physiotherapist)
Urodynamics Committee 4 positions

Download Committee Application form

Deadline for all applications is 1st April 2016. For more information on any of the above positions please contact Nickie Robinson via email at or call 0117 9444 881.

Additional Information

Developing World Committee Information

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