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Update from the ICS Board of Trustees

Monday 09 May 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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On behalf of the Board of Trustees I am pleased to highlight some of the activities of the Board on behalf of the ICS since the Montreal Meeting.

Global Philanthropic Committee

The ICS has become a partner in a global philanthropic committee in collaboration with the EAU, SIU and AUA. The partners each donate a set amount of money into a communal pot, which is then held and used for projects in the developing world. People/organisations looking to secure funding for projects can submit a bid to the Global Philanthropic Committee. A memorandum of understanding will shortly be discussed by all partners and it is expected that this partnership will be signed off in the summer. The SIU are the hosting organisation and details of how to apply for funding will shortly be shared with ICS members.

International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI) Update

As members are aware, the 6th ICI will take place at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Tokyo. Preparations are underway and many of those involved in the process are busily writing their contributions. ICS is undertaking negotiations with Oxford University Publishing regarding the book and the e-book which will be the main product of the process.


The Board and the office have been working on ways to expand the membership of ICS and as of the Board meeting in February 2016, fully paid up membership (excluding affiliates) stands at 1,723, which is higher than this time last year. This has been an area of considerable concentration for ICS, a core part of our strategic plan is to engage internal and external stakeholders. The Board have agreed to reduce the fees for allied health professionals and early career members in line with the general strategy of membership expansion.

Awards and Fellowships

The Board approved an expansion in the awards and fellowships budget which was made possible by the banner advertisement about the LUTS-FORTA process by Pfizer. Once again this allows additional members from less economically developed countries, allied health, non-medical and early career professionals to apply for support to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting.


The Board have been working hard, along with the office, to improve the lines of communications in ICS. You will hopefully have noticed the increase in electronic e-news and communications being sent to members and all ICS contacts.

Future Plans

The Board is investigating the possibility of holding an annual Educational Conference, in addition to the Annual Scientific Meeting, to be held in the continent in which the ICS Annual Scientific Meeting does not occur on any given year. A small working group has developed a business case which is now being discussed with Kenes regarding logistics and feasibility. Watch this space, more news will be forthcoming!

Finally, the Board decided to reorganise the committee structure of ICS by disestablishing the Fistula Committee and creating a new Continence in the Developing World Committee which would have a wider remit. Currently there has been considerable interest in the Chairmanship of this committee and you will see by this link the candidates for all of the ICS elective positions. Please get involved, vote and participate.

Additional Information

Please note all Trustee Board meeting minutes are available on the website here.

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Article produced by Adrian Wagg, ICS General Secretary

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