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There is still time to book workshops at ICS 2016!

Wednesday 10 Aug 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Did you know that you can still book workshops before you leave for Tokyo? Just log back into the using your unique code. Not registered yet? There is still time and its simple to add workshops when you do.

However here are the Education Committee's top picks for workshops. Note if the workshop is free you cannot pre-register, simply turn up. But note they are operated on a first come first served basis so plan your schedule and get to the front of the queue!

Featured Workshop
EC21 ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Basic Urodynamics for Female Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction
EC21 ICS コア・カリキュラム(無料)女性下部尿路機能障害のためのウロダイ ナミクス

This workshop will focus on diagnosis and the use of urodynamics for female patients with symptoms and or signs of lower urinary tract dysfunction, and the topics relevant for gynecologists. According to Dr. Nakata who is co-chairing the workshop, gynecologists are now increasingly interested in LUT dysfunction related to gynecologic diseases such as pelvic floor relaxation and uterine fibroids, but many of them are not familiar with urodynamics. Thus although the target audience include urologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists and nurses, it is especially attractive to beginner gynecologists, who want to learn urodynamics and understand lower urinary tract function.

目的、ねらい:本ワークショップは、婦人科診療に登場するトピックスを扱い 下部尿路機能障害のある女性患者へのウロダイナミクス検査の応用と診断の実際 について学びます。共同司会を務める中田医師によると、昨今は婦人科でも子宮 脱・膀胱瘤や子宮筋腫などの婦人科疾患に伴う下部尿路機能障害に関心を持つ医 師が増えていますが、ウロダイナミクスはわかりやすくはないようです。本ワークショップは、泌尿器科医、婦人科医、理学療法士、およびナースの方々を広く受講対象とし、下部尿路に関心を持ち今からウロダイナミクスを学ぶビギナー婦人科医にとってとくに見逃せない企画となるでしょう。

There are 25 other workshops to attend and here are some other highlights:

W1: Complications of Obstetric Fistula Surgery: the hole is closed but all is not well - Chair Chris Payne

W3: ICS Methodology in Basic Science - Chair Naoki Yoshimura

W11: Holistic Approach by Bio-Psycho-Social Model to Patients with Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome - Chair Wei Chih Chen

W12: Decision Making for Treatment of Post Prostatectomy Incontinence - Chair Wilhelm Huebner

EC14: ICS Core Curriculum (Free) Step by Step Basic Neurourology Teaching - Chair Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler

W16: How to Build an Evidence-Based Guideline – Important Epidemiological Principles - Chair Marco Blanker

W20: From Pelvic Floor Muscle Training to Functional Training in Women with Urinary Incontinence; Bottom Line solution for Adherence? Bary Berghmans


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