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ICS Annual Meeting Highlights: Past and Present

Friday 19 Aug 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Notable webcasts from ICS 2015, Montreal, are now available on line for viewing. One webcast, Pelvic floor dysfunction in cancer survivors after radical pelvic surgery and radiation, is a symposium featuring topics covering pelvic floor dysfunction after cancer treatment in men and women. Cancer survival rates have been progressively increasing worldwide. Since death is becoming a defeated foe in cancer therapy, promoting quality of life in survivors has become an important challenge. Urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction will affect more than 70% of patients submitted to surgery and radiation therapy for cancer, with significant impact on quality of life for this population. In this symposium Dr. Gunhilde Buchsbaum presents strategies for treating pelvic floor symptoms in female survivors of gynecologic cancers. Dr. Shauna Correia, a renowned psychiatrist specializing in sexual health, describes changes in sexual function after surgery and radiation for pelvic cancers. She presents techniques for helping patients and partners overcome physical and psychological barriers, and reclaim a healthy sex life. Dr. Karl Kreder gives a urologist’s perspective on treating erectile dysfunction, promoting fertility and relieving LUTS in men after radical pelvic surgery and radiation.

If you plan on attending ICS 2016 in Tokyo, don’t miss another informative symposium on the cancer survivor population. There will be a “Post-Prostatectomy LUTS” roundtable featuring experts’ opinions on the screening, diagnosis and treatment of patients with lower urinary tract symptoms after prostatectomy. Don’t miss it!

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