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2016 AGM Final Results

Friday 23 Sep 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The Board of Trustees is happy to confirm that all votes conducted at the ICS 2016 AGM and online have now been verified.

The new Trustees have been duly elected and the changes to the Article and Bylaws are formally approved. You can view the updated Articles and Bylaws at this link

New trustee positions, as of 16 September 2016:

  • Jerzy Gajewski - ICS Treasurer
  • Alex Digesu - ICS Trustee

Thank you for your votes. To view full voting results please click here

Confirmation of other ICS elected positions is shown below. Membership voting for these positions was held earlier in 2016. These positions came into effect from 16 September 2016:

  • Elise De - Education Committee Chair
  • Bernie Haylen - Standardisation Steering Committee Chair
  • Lawrence Stewart - Scientific Committee Chair
  • Sakineh Hajebrahimi - Developing World Committee Chair
  • Giovanni Mosiello - Children and Young Adult's Committee
  • Jacqueline Cahill - Publications and Communications Committee
  • Ajay Singla - Scientific Committee, Clinical Representative
  • Kathleen Hunter - Scientific Committee, Nursing Representative

Thank you for your votes and congratulations to our newly appointed trustees, committee chairs and members.

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