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What should nurses expect at ICS 2017

Friday 13 Jan 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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What better way to find out about what is happening for nurses at ICS 2017 in Florence with a review of what happened in Tokyo.

For those who attended ICS 2016, we hope you had a splendid time at the meeting with plenty of learning, networking and socialising. However, we also appreciate that many could not attend the meeting for a variety of reasons, so we are pleased to provide copies of the presentations from this meeting. The Nurse Forum was well attended and presented on the following items:

For information on these presentations can be accessed online.

This year, several abstracts were submitted to the meeting by nurses as lead author or as part of the authoring team, which can be seen online.

There were several workshops that were of interest to nurses but these ones may be of particular interest to you. From within these links you can download the handouts from the workshop which contain all the PowerPoint slides (where authorised) and additional supporting resources.

ICS Core Curriculum Nurse Lead Continence Care
Evidence-base and Clinical Application of Urologic Catheters

The nursing committee welcomed Jaclyn (Seok) Lee, Joan Ostaszkiewicz and Mary Wilde to the nursing committee as fully elected members. Karen Logan has now stepped down from the committee and we thank her for a strong contribution during her time on the committee. We are pleased to confirm that we have four positions available starting in Florence. The committee will be pleased to receive nomination from all nurses, but we are keen to receive application from those in their early career stage.

In preparation for ICS 2017 in Florence, we would like arrange an opportunity to meet with PhD nursing students attending the meeting for networking with committee and more experienced researchers. We also encourage PhD students and nurse researchers to submit research abstracts, especially to the early career session if you are not selected for a podium session. As usual there will be reduced registration rates for nurses so book early to get the best rates. The nursing committee are planning to hold the 2017 Forum and plenty of workshops so follow us on twitter or facebook to hear the announced speakers.

What’s happening in ICS at the moment for nurses?
The nursing committee continues to provide representation to the ICS Wiki committee. The Wiki committee works to bring awareness to standard terms and provide a place for discussion of terms and definitions. So far has Wiki has generated 26 pages related to a variety of terms. This work offers vital opportunity for nurses to contribute to terminology and ensure that their voice is heard within the literature. For more information, please access the Wiki site.

The nursing committee is active on current projects and its subcommittees will be developing work plans for 2017. Don’t hesitate to contact any member of the nursing committee or visit on nursing page on the ICS website to learn about what we are doing or find out more about membership.

Join me at ICS 2017.

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ICS 2016 Programme

ICS 2017

Article by Sharon Eustice on behalf of the ICS Nursing Committee.

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