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ICS Mobile Evolution

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ICS are pleased to announce further changes to the ICS website. As previously announced the new look for the official ICS website refocuses the ICS Brand on its core values and addresses key issues with the old website – ease of navigation, performance and screen “real estate”. The IT team have continued these website updates and we are now pleased to confirm the new look ICS news and ICS annual meeting websites.

All pages are now mobile friendly meaning that you can now access this information wherever you are and whenever you need it!

Our new look annual meeting pages provides all of the information that you need to know about the forthcoming meeting including key dates, videos and highlights. There is even a countdown clock so you know how long until you see your ICS friends again!

Watch the latest ICS videos!

A number of the ICS 2016 sessions were filmed in Tokyo. To watch the latest videos from the Tokyo meeting check out our ICS TV web app.

Share your favourite articles today

You can now easily share ICS news with your colleagues and peers via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and email. So why not share your favourite articles today?! Did you have an abstract accepted for ICS 2016? Your abstract now has a page all of its own you can share on social media - increase the impact of your research today and link up your publication to the continence professional community - explore the programme from Tokyo.

We hope that you enjoy these updates and look forward to welcoming you to ICS 2017 in Florence.

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