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ICS 2016 Roundtable webcasts now available on ICS TV

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All 2016 Roundtable webcasts are now live on ICS TV!

Webcasts are available for the following roundtables:

Roundtable 1, Post Prostatectomy LUTS

  • Intermittent catheterisation, products and devices - Mandy Fader
  • Poor prognostic factors for PPI-surgery - Myung-soo Choo
  • Pelvic muscle floor training for PPI - Heather Moki
  • Management of post-prostatectomy incontinence - Sender Herschorn

Roundtable 2, Prevention of SUI and maternal care

  • The dilemma of mode of delivery and long term pelvic floor dysfunction. Only a patient informed choice! - Maria Gyhagen
  • Importance of exercises for UI prevention and available evidence on stretching/perineal massage/ epiNO device - Siv Morkved
  • Timing pelvic physical therapy for the prevention and treatment of postnatal pelvic floor dysfunction - Bary Berghmans

Roundtable 4, New Technology for LUTS Management and Research

  • New Technology for LUTS Research - Dirk de Ridder
  • New Technology for Dynamic Testing - Peter Rosier
  • New devices and technology from Japan for LUTD management - Yasuhiko Igawa

Roundtable 5, Self-Management Evidence and Practice

  • Self Management of LUTS - Cara Tannenbaum
  • Self-Management of Anal Incontinence - Heidi Brown
  • Self-Management Intervention for Indwelling Catheter Users - Mary Wilde
  • Cost Effective Practice - Rona Agnew

Roundtable 7, POP – Surgery versus Conservative Management

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Training - Kari Bo
  • POP Surgery - Mauro Cervigni
  • Rectocele Repair - Ronan O'Connell
  • POP – Surgery versus Conservative Management – Barry Berghmans

Roundtable 8, Interstitial Cystitis Revisited (Local vs. Systemic Pathophysiology)

  • Does The History And Epidemiology Of BPS/IC Help Us Understand Its Nature? - Philip Hanno
  • Pathology Revisited; Hunner Type IC Is A Distinct Inflammatory Disease With Clonal B-Cells Expansion - Yukio Homma
  • How Do Findings In IC/BPS Animal Models Provide Insight Into The Human Condition? - Lori Birder

Roundtable 10, Modulation of Bladder Sensation

  • TRP Receptors and Bladder Sensation - Lori Birder
  • Afferent Nerve Activity in Relation to Bladder Sensation - Naoki Aizawa
  • New Methods of Sensory Modulation - Naoki Yoshimura

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