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The ICS Neuro-urology Promotion committee is pleased to announce that the ICS Core Curriculum - Step by Step Basic Neurourology Teaching module,filmed during ICS 2016 in Tokyo, is now available on ICS TV.

The workshop was split into six sessions, presented by ICS Neuro-urology Promotion Committee members, focusing on the basic knowledge necessary to practice and to train in neurourology.

The six sessions were:

  • Introduction, Emmanuel Jean Chartier-Kastler
  • Functional anatomy of lower urinary tract, Marcio Augusto Averbeck
  • Neurologic control of lower urinary tract dedicated to continence and voiding function, Jalesh Panicker
  • Diagnosis of neurogenic lower urinary tract symptoms, Thomas Kessler
  • Urodynamics in the diagnosis of neurogenic lower urinary tract symptoms, Jalesh Panicker
  • Main voiding dysfunctions of spinal cord injuries, Thomas Kessler
  • Main voiding dysfunctions of supra spinal lesions, Marcio Augusto Averbeck

Learning Outcomes-Attendees will be able to read more on neurourology and to prepare themself to organise their team for the management of neurourological patients.

Additional information including a reading list can be found in the below handout.

Additional Information

W13 ICS Core Curriculum - Step by Step Basic Neurourology

W13 Handout

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