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Amanda Wells: a tribute

Tuesday 07 Feb 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Board of Trustees, Nursing Committee, and the office are saddened to announce the passing of Amanda (Mandy) Wells after a long illness.

Mandy Wells was a great friend and supporter of ICS and passionate promoter of continence nurses. Mandy was a trailblazer as one of the initial chairs of the ICS Nursing Committee and was instrumental in establishing a number of educational documents and activities on behalf of ICS for which the Board and Nursing Committee are extremely grateful.

Mandy will be greatly missed by all of those she touched via her many roles in life. On behalf of the ICS Trustees, Nursing Committee, membership and staff our sympathies go out to her family.

Personal remembrances:

Donna Bliss, Nursing Committee Chair: When I think of Mandy, I remember and appreciate her generosity and hospitality. When I first travelled to the ICS office for business, Mandy, who was the Nursing Committee chair at the time, welcomed me warmly by driving me around the Bristol area after our meeting along tall-hedged roads and sharing a meal in a pub in a centuries-old building near where she lived. Her quick laugh became evident when she unwrapped the stuffed gopher I brought her from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. I know I am only one of the many people who have been touched by her thoughtfulness.

Adrian Wagg, past ICS General Secretary: Mandy was a great advocate for nurses in the management of bladder and bowel disorders. She was a great force of nature and ensured that her voice was heard whenever needed. She was a dominant influence as chair of the nursing committee, influencing its role today.
I worked with Mandy for several years whilst she was in London and we had many great times together. People who knew Mandy were aware that, in her personal time, she loved to care for animals, particular rabbits, of which she had several. Mandy would often regale you tales of their habits and latest escapades, much to the amusement of her friends and family! Far from being one of the crowd, Mandy was a great character, and she will be rightly and sorely missed.

Sharon Eustice, ICS Committee Member: Mandy was an inspiration to me in my early months as a Nurse Consultant and continued to be so, even though our paths moved in different directions in the latter years. When I was in her company it seemed like anything was possible. I admired her authenticity, her loving nature and commitment to nursing. Her presence will be missed.

Liz Bonner, friend and colleague: Mandy was the inspiration to produce a text book for nurses caring for children with a bladder or bowel problem. Mandy had secured a publisher in 2006 before one word had been written. Her enthusiasm was infectious and persuaded others, including myself to contribute chapters to the book. Effective Management of Bladder and Bowel Problems in Children took two years from her idea to publication. Mandy always knew what the end result was going to be and was very good at working with others who had different skills that complemented her talents.

Maxine Hammond, friend and colleague: Without Mandy I would have left nursing as I was so despondent on how nursing was going, but Mandy gave me new hope with her for ever optimistic view and the opportunity to work in bladder and bowel. I have not regretted one moment in the past 16 years - Mandy taught me so much and I will forever be in her debt.

Mandy Fader, friend and colleague: Mandy was a powerful figure in continence nursing both in the UK and internationally. Fearless and passionate she was always ready to speak out to achieve better care for patients and was not afraid of controversy. Mandy led the way on many national continence initiatives in the UK, and fought to bring continence and continence nursing to the attention of government and policy-makers. As a colleague she was enormously kind and generous with a great sense of fun and ICS meetings spent with Mandy were always lively and memorable. The continence world will be a less colourful place without Mandy and we will miss her.

Marijke Slieker-ten Hove, ICS Physiotherapy Member: I first met Mandy at the ICS Education Committee in Athens. We were both young, new committee members, there to represent our disciplines (nurses and physiotherapists) and keen to achieve our goals on behalf of our colleagues within the field.
I remember Mandy as a warm colleague fighting for continence nurses recognition worldwide. Fruitful discussions took place but always with great respect for each other and our combined desire to improve the life of so many patients. I will always remember Mandy as a great and thoughtful professional. It is a loss for all of us and she will be missed.

Dr Maria Angela Boccara de Paula on behalf of SOBEST: We would like to express our sadness at Amanda Well´s passing. Mandy Wells, in partnership with Dr Beatriz Yamada, was pivotal in the training of Enterostomal Therapy Nurses in Brazil and Latin America. This training helped strengthen the links between SOBEST and ICS, and through this partnership we now have Brazilian nurses represented on the Nursing Committee. Mandy’s international vision, concerning specialised nursing, helped engage nurses from around the world and for that we are eternally grateful.

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