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Latest ICS Module available: Analysis of Voiding, Pressure Flow Analysis

Thursday 27 Apr 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The latest ICS Urodynamics Committee Education Module is now available on ICS TV! This module, presented by Peter Rosier, focuses on "Analysis of Voiding, Pressure Flow Analysis".

As with all ICS educational modules, this is an endorsed, evidence based, standardised module designed to teach best practice. The module consists of a video presented by an ICS member, a peer reviewed published article and a downloadable PowerPoint slides set.

ICS is seeking to develop and distribute high quality global health educational modules; define standards and competencies in health education; and address the needs of students, educators, and trainees as they seek to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become healthcare leaders.

All ICS modules are created to be used by educators around the world who can download the ICS module and present this to their students/colleagues. It is also expected that when an ICS speaker is invited to speak at an educational course or guest lecture the educational modules are used to provide the standardised educational content.

Why not share this with your colleagues and peers, so they can benefit from the latest ICS education!

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If you would like to create your own module then please download the Standard Operating Procedure: ICS Educational Module for more information. All applications should be submitted to the ICS office:

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Analysis of voiding, pressure flow analysis module


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Standard Operating Procedure: ICS Educational Module

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