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Wiki what? - Be a part of the future of ICS and urology terms

Wednesday 10 May 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Free workshop supported by the ICS wiki subcommittee of the Standardisation Steering Committee

Workshop #31 Friday 15 September, 2017 9:30 to 11:00 AM

Aims and objectives - ICS experts establish terms and definitions used in research, education, and publication. Good definitions require input from all disciplines - MD, PT, RN, OT, basic science, patients, and industry - Urology, Gynecology, Gastroenterology - experienced and newly qualified - and many different languages. This workshop is intended to introduce participants to the importance of active debate on standard terms. It will include live posting on the wiki with opportunities to influence terms and definitions. Bring your mobile device and participate in real time. Be the change, influence the future of ICS and urology publications.

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise the important of standard terms and how they affect medical practice and patient care
  • Learn how ICS standard terms and definitions are created, discussed and refined
  • Understand the differences between evidence, facts and hear say as differentiated by founded medical evidence and internet / social media based information
  • Create a wiki log in and post a comment on ICS standard terms

Workshop Schedule

Topic| Speaker|
Introduction to wiki posting| Beth Shelly|
Importance of unambiguous terminology / The impact of new or changed terminology/definitions – for better or for worse - on the patient along all links of the healthcare chain| Luis Monteiro|
Underactive bladder, really a problem? or the new disease created by industry?| Dr Kevin Rademakers|
Muscle tone - how do you measure - multidimensional| Melanie Morin|
Reconciling social media and medical evidence - down the yellow brick road The effect of real time publications (via social media and other platforms) Vs online journal publications. Which are more effective? How can they interrelate?| Roger Dmochowski, Tom Marcelissen|
Your turn to post| Sajjad Rahnamai|

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Wiki what? - Be a part of the future of ICS and urology terms, workshop #31

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