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Live surgery in Florence

Monday 12 Jun 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS is organising a live surgery in Florence that allows our delegates to evaluate diagnostic work-up before surgery and follow-up for cases of urinary incontinence and prolapse. Delegates will be able to watch and discuss the surgical procedure step-by-step with the surgeon and experts during traditional open surgery and new mini-invasive techniques such as videolaparoscopic and robotics.

We will present the latest in minimally invasive treatment of prolapses and urinary incontinence. Laparoscopic and robot assisted promontofixation will be presented simultaneously as well as sacral neuromodulation and male sling.

Male and female surgeries will involve urologists and gynecologists to provoke a constructive discussion to improve our knowledge from a functional point of view. An interactive discussion will be warranted by expert moderators in the auditorium aimed to deepen practical and scientific knowledge. The session will be opened by a discussion about the ethics of live surgery given by David Castro-Diaz.

Live surgeries will be shown directly from the Department of Urology and Neuro-Urology of Careggi University Hospital in Florence to the main Hall at the Fortezza da Basso Convention Center. The convention center offers all facilities to experience this in the best possible way.The session will take place throughout the morning of Thursday, 14th September and is available for free to all registered delegates.

Please join us for this extraordinary event and bring your experience and insight to our discussion.

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See you in Florence.

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