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Spotlight on- ICS 2017 Early Career Session

Friday 16 Jun 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This will be the fifth Early Career Professional Session at an ICS annual meeting and we are pleased to announce that Marcus Drake will be providing the keynote lecture.

The lecture, entitled "Dealing with questions after a presentation" will focus on one of the trickier aspects of public speaking. Questions can take many forms, and sometimes can seem to be a minefield. The skill is to provide a succinct and relevant answer, remaining respectful and calm. Yes, it can be done!
We prepare a relaxed session with a combination of lectures and presentations which we think will be of great interest to those just starting their careers. Young ICS delegates can present their abstract in a mock podium style session where a group of expert panellists will provide invaluable, one to one feedback on presentation skills, slides and scientific content. The review panel will be made up of key ICS members. This year’s experts are:

Roger Dmochowski Urologist
Matthias Oelke Urologist
Kari Bø Physiotherapy
Holly Richter Urogynaecologist
Rufus Cartwright Urogynaecologist

NEW AWARD- Best early career presenter

The ICS Board of Trustees and Education Committee are pleased to announce a new award for ICS 2017. The best early career presenter certificate will be awarded to the best presentation at the ICS 2017 Early Career Session. The successful delegate will be informed at the end of the session of their success and invited to attend the main closing ceremony to receive their official certificate.

Early career professional’s evening out!
Following the welcome reception all early career professional session attendees and speakers are invited to attend an evening out! Free tickets and information regarding the event will be provided at the end of the early career session. Please note delegates must attend the session to attend the evening out.

Don't miss out on this fantastic session for all disciplines, members and non-members regardless of whether you have had an abstract accepted. It’s a great way to get some practical tips and listen to valuable feedback which you can take forward for your next presentation or research.

So Join us in Florence!

Register now and save!

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