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Spotlight on - Nocturia and sleep disruption: the chicken or the egg?

Tuesday 18 Jul 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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14:00 - 14:30

The ICS 2017 Scientific Committee are pleased to announce new "Spotlight on" sessions in Florence. These shorter sessions take important topics and allow the speaker to really explore the content. We are pleased to announce a session focusing on Nocturia and sleep disruption, presented by Philip Van Kerrebroeck (Professor of Urology at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands).

Nocturia can be caused by primary sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, snoring, restless legs syndrome or periodic leg movements, but anxiety and depression may also cause nocturnal awakenings and subsequent voiding.

Primary nocturia (not caused by sleep disorders) will cause secondary sleep disruption and this adversely affects quality of life, daytime activities, cognition, mental health or mood and productivity. The cognitive and behavioural consequences of sleep disruption are likely to be obvious in the short term but other consequences such as vulnerability to metabolic and cardiovascular conditions and perhaps even an increased risk of death may become evident in the longer term.

The topics that will be discussed are:

  • Health implications of nocturia e.g. insulin sensitivity, blood pressure
  • Distinction of sleep- dimensions and textures of sleep e.g. duration, quality, continuity, depth.
  • How to measure sleep including definitions and metrics to be used.
  • The importance of treating nocturia
  • Sleep apnea and nocturia- nocturia can be reversibility if the patient has sleep apnea

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Nocturia and sleep disruption

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