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Laurence Stewart invites you to join him at ICS 2017

Saturday 24 Jun 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS Scientific Committee Chair, Laurence Stewart, provides an update on what delegates can expect in Florence.

This has been a record breaking year for ICS. We have received the highest number of abstract submissions in our 46 year history! Laurence highlights that each abstract is reviewed by 5 ICS members, one of whom must be a scientific committee member. This is a lot of work for the committee and members, especially when we receive so many submissions. We would like to heartily thank all members who took part in this year’s review.

The programme for this year includes many more parallel sessions, due to the number of abstracts received. An interesting round table to attend is A Bladders life, this session will cover the life cycle of the bladder and the problems associated with each stage. This is an innovative and interesting way to tell the story of the bladder. The Scientific Committee are looking forward to the discussions during this session.

This year and within the field of urology, we have widened our scope. There are a lot of sessions on prostate (benign and malignant), also quirky things around that which you wouldn’t get at a standard urology conference. Laurence states that ‘if you are interested in prostate you will not be disappointed but we have so much more.’

So join Laurence Stewart and the ICS community at ICS 2017!

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