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Florence where art thou?

Tuesday 08 Aug 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Florence itself is like a work of art- from the beautiful architecture to the outdoor statues and spaces. You will fall in love with the city and be spoilt by its aesthetics- all of which are free to enjoy.

If you’re an art lover Florence has many museums that you can visit whilst attending ICS 2017. Here are some suggestions for your visit:

Renaissance Art

Galleria degli Uffizi- The Uffizi Gallery’s collection includes priceless masterpieces and works of art in its over 45 museum halls. There are dozens of renaissance master pieces like Botticelli’s The birth of Venus and Primavera, Titans Venus of Urbino and Da Vinci’s Annunciation to name but a few. If you wish to while away an afternoon and love the renaissance period then this is the museum for you.

Top tip- Book your tickets online to avoid the queues. Alternatively book a private tour to maximise your time at the museum.

Modern art

If contemporary or modern art is your thing then Florence has a number of museums for you! Visit the Palazzo Strozzi museum, the Accademia, Museo Marino Marini, and the Palazzo Vecchio. All these museums often present contemporary exhibitions temporarily displayed alongside their historic collections to attract a wider audience, so be on the lookout for these special opportunities.

Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi- Since its inception, the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi has clearly declared its mission to be ‘not just exhibitions’. The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi uses its exhibitions to create exciting new ways for tourists and citizens alike to explore the city, the county and the entire region of Tuscany. These innovative programmes include special itineraries, guided visits to the studios of contemporary artists, travelling street theatre performances and international conferences. The main ‘laboratory’ is the Palazzo Strozzi, but the experiments happen throughout the city and beyond.

Top tip- This isn’t a touristy museum so queues are likely to be minimal, but if you want to ensure you avoid a queue then the best time to go is after lunch.

Free Art

If you prefer to view art in a more informal setting, without the cover charge or you just don’t fancy being stuck indoors then visit the Piazza della Signoria. It offers the greatest amount of free art in one location. View the fountain of Neptune, a replica of David and a range of statues in bronze, marble and limestone.

Top Tip- Some of the best art can be found in churches throughout the city. If you see an open church go in! Due to the religious history in Italy, a lot of Italy's many art and architectural masterpieces can be found hidden in churches.

Also keep an eye out for street artist Clet’s (the Florentine version of Banksy) work around Florence. Clet is known for his work altering street signs, turning them into a work of art whilst still maintaining their official purpose.

If you like his work then why not visit his studio in San Niccolò (Via dell’Olmo, 8/red, Florence) where you can purchase some of his designs!?! This would be a fantastic memento of your time in Florence and a must for any street artist fans.

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