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Apply now! New standardisation steering working group available to join today

Sunday 03 Sep 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Standardisation Steering Committee is pleased to confirm that we have a new terminology document Working Group (WG) open for application-the ICS Terminology for Laparoscopically Visible Female Pelvic Anatomy Working Group (SSCWG19).

Anatomy is one of the fundamental building blocks of medical practice. Within the surgical practice of medicine, sound knowledge of anatomy is crucial for performing safe, efficient and effective surgery. Equally, the knowledge of correct anatomical terminologies for structures, landmarks and boundaries are crucial with regards to research and clinical practice.

Traditionally anatomy has been learnt and taught in various formats- from cadaver dissection to anatomy models to didactic lectures, reinforced by hands on surgical training or apprenticeship. The advent of laparoscopy has resulted in another dimension of ‘real-time’ learning and understanding these aspects of the study of anatomy.

The ICS Standardisation Steering Committee in keeping with its tradition of staying abreast with the changing learning and professional development scope, is launching a Working Group on Laparoscopically Visible Female Pelvic Anatomy to provide clarity of definitions and terminologies required for research and clinical practice, using the high-definition visual images in live female pelvic anatomy.'

Click here to download the scoping document

This can be a time-challenge, one however with considerable professional satisfaction on completion, that you personally have contributed to “getting the basics right” in a particular aspect of the fields we cover. You have helped clarify understanding and standardise communication. There’s an international camaraderie with other working group members and an individual and collective expansion of knowledge by being involved.

Bernie Haylen Chair, ICS Standardisation Steering Committee

Deadline for Applications has now been extended to 20th October 2017

Submission of Applications: Please send a short CV (no longer than 3 pages) with a covering statement to the ICS Office:, copying in Bernie Haylen

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