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Invitation to World Forum of National Continence Foundations

Monday 04 Sep 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Continence Beyond Borders

The Italian Continence Foundation (FIC) aims to present its structure and activities, thanking the hospitality of ICS and its Annual Meeting in Florence. FIC, over the last 15 years, promoted care for continence by research, events, awareness and active work with Italian Institutions resulting, among other things, in the creation of an official network of centres in several regions and in collaboration with the Ministry of Health for a steering document. FIC wishes to compare itself with other Foundations worldwide, in order to develop interchanges and collaboration.

Mario De Gennaro, President Italian Continence Foundation
Giulio Del Popolo, President ICS Meeting 2017
Sherif Mourad, ICS General Secretary

The participation is FREE.
Please register by email to Value Relations:
Please, take into account limited seats (max 150 persons).
A light lunch will be provided at the entrance.
Italian - English (part 1) and English-Italian (part 2) translation will be available.

Part 1- Italian Continence Foundation (FIC): who, what, why
Moderator: Micol Belluzzi, journalist
(Part 1 in Italian with English translation)

|12:30|12:35|Introduction|Sherif Mourad|
|12:35|12:45|History and achievements|Debora Orrico|
|12:45|13:00|The Continence Network|Antonella Biroli|
|13:00|13:15|A research on costs|Diego Riva|
|13:15|13:30|HealthCare Professionals: Role and Education|Elena Bertolucci|
|13:30|13:45|Working with Italian Ministry of Health|Roberto Carone|
|13:45|13:55|Interview with Italian Continence Foundation|Micol Belluzzi, Roberto Carone|
|13:55|14:00|Remarks|Monica Calamai, Marco Carini|

Part 2- Continence Foundations worldwide
Moderators: David Castro-Diaz, Enrico Finazzi Agrò
(Part 2 in English)

|14:15|14:30|A Survey among Continence Foundations by FIC|Stefania Chierchia|
|14:30|14:45|Continence Foundation of Australia|Rowan Cockerell|
|14:45|15:00|Canadian Continence Foundation|Adrian Wagg|
|15:00|15:10|Swiss Continence Foundation|Thomas M. Kessler, Ulrich Mehner|
|15:10|15:30|Panel Discussion “Outstanding Problems”|Sandro Sandri, Marco Soligo and other foundations representatives|

Additional Information:
Full programme

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