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ICS 2017 highlights

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Watch the latest ICS video showing the highlights of ICS 2017.

Hear from ICS members and delegates, old and new, on why they attended ICS 2017.

  • Elise De states it’s the “multi-disciplinary working and input on diagnosis which" she finds useful.
  • Diane Newman “for me it’s the coming together of different minds and there’s so much you can learn from that.”
  • Doreen McClurg enjoys the international venues that ICS events take place in. “This year’s event was in a beautiful city. The venue was quiet with a great exhibition space.”
  • ICS 2017 was Christina Shaw’s first ICS meeting. Christina thought the event was “Fantastic! Not just the venue but to be surrounded by experts in field that she is interested in and to meet people whose work she has cited.”
  • Kerstin Brocker loves attending the meetings and reconnecting with old friends. “Once you’re registered and walk into where everyone else is, it’s like you’ve never been away. That’s what makes the event.”
  • Phillip Smith feels when you come to an ICS meeting it’s “where everyone in the field comes to talk. It’s a great place to think about your ideas in the context of what’s happening worldwide, it’s really stimulating.”
  • Bernard Haylen has been attending for over 30 years, clearly this is an indication that he enjoys coming to the meeting.
  • Giulio Del Popolo feels ‘for incontinence care professions ICS is an event that you can’t miss.’

Thank you to everyone who attended ICS 2017, we look forward to welcoming you to Philadelphia in 2018.

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