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Changes to the ICS Education Committee

Monday 18 Jun 2012 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Following discussions at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow, the Education Committee decided to reorganise their committee and create new sub-committees.

The Education Committee is one of the busiest ICS committees and the members felt that a long term strategy for Educational Programmes, outside the annual meeting was needed. Plus more engagement with trainees is required.

The new subcommittees and their functions are:

• ICS Educational Courses and Workshops, Chaired by Ervin Kocjancic- the subcommittee will establish links with relevant professional societies in countries underserved by the ICS in order to deliver high quality, multi-professional educational activities in the form of add on, guest lectures and stand-alone courses. The subcommittee will make recommendations for the core curriculum of ICS Education courses to be delivered at the ASM.

• E-learning, Chaired by Patrick Woodman-the subcommittee will make recommendations to the Education Committee for the establishment and development of e-learning courses relevant to the membership of ICS. They will liaise with the Urodynamics, Nursing and Physiotherapy committees regarding the development of relevant modules. The subcommittee will also review existing e-learning modules for quality assurance.

• ICS Educational Quality and Evaluation, Chaired by Adrian Wagg- the subcommittee will review the educational content and quality of the ASM, they will liaise with the Scientific Committee with regard to developing the delivery of scientific presentation and its evaluation at the ASM.
They will also make recommendations regarding joint educational ventures relevant to the audience of ICS- with the aim of maximising educational value of the meeting. As well as maintaining and improving the education quality of ICS educational activities. They will co-ordinate and organise ICS faculty development activities e.g. teaching skills courses, chairmanship skills etc.

• ICS Trainees, Chaired by Pallavi Latthe-the subcommittee will liaise with the Physiotherapy, Nursing, Neurourology and Urodynamics Committee to ensure that the educational needs of trainees are met. They will make recommendations on education activities relevant to trainees, which should be pursued by the Education Committee as a whole.

This task was completed in January 2012.

For more information please see click on the below link to the ICS Education Committee webpage.

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