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Meeting the needs of young professionals

Thursday 26 Apr 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Are you a young professional thinking about attending ICS 2018? Have you submitted an abstract, but you’re unsure what to expect? ICS has a range of specially dedicated sessions for you, PLUS we offer a reduced rate for early career professionals!

To get you going here are a few highlights of the programme -

Early Careers Session This takes place just before the welcome reception, and is a great way to meet other young delegates at the start of the meeting. Selected abstract submitters have the chance to present 7 minutes in front of an expert panel to get feedback to help hone their skills. There is also always an expert speaker give a state of the art lecture focused on young professionals - this years lecture will be about how to select a good mentor for yourself.

Welcome Reception followed by the EARLY CAREER NIGHT OUT! The official opening of the conference is always a great start to the Annual Meeting and a chance for the local committee to show off something cultural from their city. The reception gives you a chance to network with those new friends from the early careers session and then we all meet by the ICS booth for a night out of drinks, food and sometimes dancing!! See all the networking functions happening during the meeting here

Afternoon with the experts – NEW FOR 2018 Get up close and personal to some amazing experts in the field. There is a broad range of topics being covered so check out the programme here. There will be a chance to mingle with the experts at the end of the session.

Round Tables Round table sessions are a great way to hear updates on key areas from a variety of leading experts, which stimulates plenty of thoughts and ideas for the discussion section at the end of each session. They incorporate multi-disciplinary approaches so there truly is something for everyone. Take a look at the round table programme here.

State of the Art Lectures ICS 2018 have 3, 30 minute state of the art lectures covering a variety of topics. Of note, Warren Grill will be discussing his approach to electroceuticals and how they can be applied to peripheral nerves innovating the lower urinary tract and offer the promise to treat neurourological dysfunction including overactive bladder and detrusor underactivity / urinary retention. Jerry Gebhart will be discussing pain from the bladder and the consequences of prostatitis and mechanisms underlying development of bladder hypersensitivity. These lectures plus the many more will offer an update in current knowledge and future objectives in the field.

Finally, don't forget to visit the ICS desk in the exhibition hall to meet the ICS team – they are always happy to have a chat, or help with any problems and explain more about what the ICS does – we offer a range of benefits and opportunities to early career professionals. ICS TV broadcasts during the conference, and has lots of content already. To get a feel of what happens at an ICS meeting, view previous highlights and sessions here.

ICS defines Early Career Professionals as having graduated in the last 5 years. Register now to enjoy the concession rates available and before the early bird deadline!

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