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Would you like to speak on behalf of the ICS at education courses & events or become an ICS mentor?

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The ICS Education Committee have revised the existing ICS Faculty Database and need you to register to be considered.

Register Here

ICS run educational courses all over the globe, often providing keynote speakers on continence to national and international meetings. As the leading international authority on continence treatment and care, our members comprise the world's leading opinion makers in a range of disciplines. Our faculty reflect that international expertise, and ICS encourages its members to participate in the ICS Faculty program and speak internationally on their specialist topic.

Since 2005, the ICS Education Committee has run an increasing number of courses each year. To accommodate the course requests an ICS faculty database was created and is currently used by the Education Committee to source local speakers for ICS courses. Fostering new and emerging talent is a key goal of ICS and we ask all those with a passion to educate to join us.

If you would like to be considered for courses near to you, then please add your details to this database.
Please note - All courses are will be conducted in English therefore you will need to be fluent in English to participate.

NEW - ICS Mentorship program

The ICS is establishing a novel mentorship program, whereby less experienced healthcare providers can be mentored by their peers.

If you would you like to participate in the ICS mentorship program and share your knowledge as an experienced physician/ nurse / physiotherapist to a trainee, please complete the form below. This can involve psycho-social support, career guidance, role modelling, help with communication etc. You may need to both encourage and challenge to help coach your mentee. You will be their “cheerleader”. This is not a role providing counselling or helping to make major decisions but rather to give constructive feedback. You will have to agree to have your e-mail accessible to members to contact you.

If you would be interested in becoming an ICS mentor then sign up today!

Register Here

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