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The 7th International Consultation on Incontinence - new chapter, apply now!

Tuesday 27 Nov 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICI-Steering Committee are inviting expressions of interest from members of the ICS who wish to be considered for committee membership of the 7th ICI to be held at ICS 2020 in Las Vegas, 26 – 29 August. ICI committee members are strongly encouraged to attend the ICS 2020 meeting in Las Vegas. ICS will offer a 50% discount on registration to ICI committee members.

Please note that no other funding is available.

Following on from the previous advert, a new chapter has now been confirmed by the ICI-Steering Committee – Economics. The deadline for applications is Sunday 9th December.

The Chapter will have up to 10 members. The committees work as a team with all members taking responsibility for the committee’s report which becomes a chapter in the book of the Consultation (Incontinence 7th edition).

The work is time consuming and to strict deadlines in order to produce the report for the 2020 meeting and then the ICI book within six months of the Consultation. As with previous ICIs any member of a committee who makes an inadequate contribution is removed from the committee and subsequent publications, in line with established authorship guidelines.

Review and decision process

All applications will be reviewed by the ICI-Steering Committee and the relevant chapter chair. Consideration will be given to geographical distribution and the multi-professional nature of care. Please note that the ICI-Steering Committee anticipates a high level of interest in committee positions and cannot guarantee that all interested applicants will be invited.

Please note that all ICI-6 committee members will be considered by committee chairs.

ICI-Steering Committee

  • Paul Abrams: ICI Consultant
  • Linda Cardozo: ICI Editor
  • Eric Rovner: ICI Editor
  • Adrian Wagg: ICI Editor
  • Alan Wein: ICI Editor
  • Sherif Mourad: ICS General Secretary
  • David Castro Diaz: ICS General Secretary-Elect
  • Jerzy Gajewski: ICS Treasurer
  • Carlos D’Ancona: ICS Trustee
  • Roger Dmochowski: Editor, Neurourology & Urodynamics journal

How to apply

Those interested will need to complete an application form detailing their expertise. Members are asked to apply to join a specific committee and therefore to be expert in the subject area covered by the relevant committee.

Download Application Form

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