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ICS Urodynamics Committee Update

Friday 07 Dec 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Urodynamics Committee is working on a number of new and ongoing projects. A main focus of the Committee is the production of urodynamics teaching modules. The committee collected all existing teaching modules on urodynamics, and then created a list of topics still to be covered. Some of these topics are the subject of modules already in preparation. We hope to have all the modules assigned for production by the first months of the next year, and all modules completed by the end of 2020. With the aid of these resources, any professional willing to hold a course on urodynamics will have the opportunity to use ICS appproved teaching slidesets. Anyone willing to have their urodynamic course recognized by the ICS is strongly encouraged to use the available teaching module. The content of the existing modules can be previewed on videos found on ICS TV.

For time, the Urodynamics Committee organised a workshop during the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Philadelphia. The workshop was attended by more than 120 people and feedback was very positive. The committee plans to organise a new workshop in Gothenburg next year, with more time for discussion and clinical cases.
The committee is also considering other media to promote education on urodynamics: e-learning courses, a book on practical urodynamics, a service of urodynamic tracing quality checks, and systematic reviews on urodynamic techniques. The committee always welcomes ideas for other education opportunities. Please contact the ICS office with any suggestions:

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