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New ICI Report available - Surgery for urinary incontinence in women

Monday 07 Jan 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS office is pleased to announce that the Surgery for urinary incontinence in women: Report from the 6th international consultation on incontinence, is now available to view in the Neurourology and Urodynamics Journal.


Urinary incontinence is a prevalent condition worldwide and causes a tremendous impact on a woman's quality of life. While conservative and non‐surgical therapies are options for treatment, surgery for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is common. Options include colposuspension, slings (pubovaginal and midurethral), and periurethral bulking. While evidence supports each of these options in the treatment of SUI, each is associated with various rates of success and unique adverse event profiles. Urgency urinary incontinence (UUI) is initially treated with behavioral modification and pharmacologic means, with surgery reserved for those with refractory symptoms or significant complications from medication use. At present, intravesical onabotulinumtoxinA injections, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, and sacral neurostimulation are all viable options for refractory UUI/overactive bladder. As with surgical interventions for SUI, each of these is, likewise, associated with unique outcomes and adverse event profiles. Herein, we summarize the findings and conclusions from the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence (ICI) regarding surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

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