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ICS Documents - New Look, New Approach

Sunday 05 Jul 2009 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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For many years the ICS Documents system has been the cornerstone of ICS online publishing. Staff have been able to publish documents and reports both publicly and restricted to ICS Members from anywhere in the world using our online upload and publishing system. In 2008 a new project was born to create a much more interactive system, that allowed content to be generated by the ICS Membership themselves.

Have your say! All ICS Members can join in the debate on any ICS Publication…

Design Goals:
• Allow Committee’s to upload their own documents, for internal discussion, allowing multiple versions, with a chronological log of feedback and comments – track reports from drafts to final publication
• Allow ICS Members to give feedback to ICS Documents, stimulating debate and discussion
• Sophisticated folder and document permissions to control access to committees and individuals
• Utilize the latest AJAX technology to make the system dynamic and interactive in real time
• Track member ratings and download patterns to give statistical data (e.g. most viewed/popular documents)
• Simple search interface similar to mainstream search engines
• Deep-linking to our documents and folders to allow cross referencing to external websites

New ICS Standardisation Reports - Public Consultations
The launch of this new system coincided with the public consultation period of the new ICS & IUGA Joint Terminology Standardisation Report. This open forum discussion with the ICS & IUGA Membership demonstrates many of the features of the new system, and is hoped to be the first of many.

The Future of ICS Online - Power to our Members
Opening up the website to its members should encourage member participation and move us closer to the website goal of being a true online meeting place for continence professionals. This system is the first of many planned member-contributed communities for debate, education and research on the ICS website.

Dominic Turner
IT Director, ICS Office
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