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New Video - ICS Regional Meeting Brussels webcasts now available

Tuesday 26 Mar 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Did you miss the recent ICS Regional Meeting in Brussels? Watch the latest videos taken during the two day meeting on ICS TV.
Maybe you attended and there was a session in the other hall that you missed - now you can view it here.

There are over 31 lectures available so please ensure you use our playlist functionality so that you do not miss something.

The videos include presentations from:

  • Karel Decaestecker - Cystectomy for non-oncological reasons
  • Sherif Mourad - Bladder augmentation: when and how
  • Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler - Surgery in neurological patients tips and tricks
  • Desiree Vrijens - Psychological aspects in treatment of complex neurourological cases
  • Stefan De Wachter - Neuro-urology for nurses and physiotherapists
  • Doreen McClurg - Neurological conditions and the pelvic floor
  • Salvador Arlandis - Infection management : what can nurses do
  • Ronny Pieters & Veerle Decalf - Continence course educational cases
  • Mandy Fader - Conservative management with products
  • Rachel Skews - What can nurses and physiotherapistst do for sexual dysfunction so much more!

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