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New learner assessment - Neurodegenerative disease's impact on bladder function

Friday 07 Jun 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The latest ICS Education Committee learner assessment is now available. This covers "Neurodegenerative disease's impact on bladder function: A multidisciplinary approach in diagnosis, treatment and improving quality of life."

Filmed at ICS 2018 this assessment covers Neurodegenerative disease's impact on bladder function. In the past decades, the aim of the urologist was to treat the neurogenic bladder dysfunction through antimuscarinics and surgical procedures (e.g. bladder augmentation). More recently, new drugs have been approved and new surgical procedures have been developed, but more importantly a new role for the multidisciplinary approach has been established. We will encourage this new concept of treatment to the audience, taking into account differences in incomes of different societes. This a new workshop based on state of the art knowledge and latest techniques that are available and with an international panel of experts we will extend our experience in working under different economic circumstances.

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