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ICS Launches Mentor Programme!

Friday 17 May 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Education Committee is pleased to launch the ICS Mentor Programme.

The mentorship programme is designed to provide early career professionals guidance in planning their scientific and clinical career, leadership development, specific instruction on designing, conducting and submitting academic work, pursuing and providing suitable educational programmes.

The ICS has established a list of individuals who are willing to serve as mentors. You can view this list and learn more about the scheme here.

Using the search functionality, just identify and approach the mentor of your choice. After the mentor’s agreement, you can establish a relationship and discuss expectations. The rest is then over to you!

In order to support your choice of mentor the ICS Education Committee have prepared these two videos from Elise De and Margot Damaser when speaking at the ICS Early Career Session in Philadelphia at ICS 2018. Elise is the current Chair of the committee and Margot previously spent 6 years on the committee. Their expertise and personal experience of selecting mentors, and being mentors will provide you with invaluable knowledge whilst seeking an ICS Mentor.

Watch Margot Damaser

Watch Elise De

Please note that both mentor and mentee need to be ICS Member to be involved in the scheme. Its open to all disciplines and is for early career professionals and professionals at various levels of expertise. Please note that the mentor has the right to decline to be a mentor from the outset.

We hope that ICS Members can then meet with their mentors in person at future ICS Annual Meetings and provide us with their success stories.

If you enjoyed watching the videos then experience similar content by registering now for ICS 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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