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Following discussions at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Glasgow, the Education Committee decided to reorganise their committee and create new sub-committees. This task was completed in January 2012.

The Education Committee is one of the busiest ICS committees and the members felt that more engagement with trainees was required. In addition a long term strategy for Educational Programmes outside the annual meeting was needed.

The new subcommittees are:

● ICS Educational Courses and Workshops
● E-learning
● ICS Educational Quality and Evaluation
● ICS Trainees

The Educational Courses and Workshops sub-committee has the task of establishing links to relevant professional societies in countries underserved by the ICS in order to deliver high quality, multidisciplinary
educational activities as add-on courses to national or international meetings. They will also canvas for and arrange ICS sponsored lectures at such meetings.

The ICS now has a clear application procedure for those who are interested in having an ICS course in their country. Should you wish to apply please contact Avicia Burchill at the ICS Office:
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