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Latest updates for Physiotherapists attending ICS 2019

Friday 09 Aug 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Physiotherapy Committee is pleased to announce the latest updates for Physiotherapists attending ICS 2019.

We have a new format for the Physiotherapy Forum this year. We will have some “state of the art” sessions, on a range of topics, with increased discussion time between the panel and attendees. These include a discussion on electrostimulation in pelvic floor physiotherapy as well as children’s pelvic floor – both of which will allow for an exchange of ideas and interaction between speakers and audience.

Additionally, Danielle van Reijn will highlight the latest research in dyssynergia. Hedwig Neels will provide an update on the latest research from Pieter Dietz Department. Minna Törnävä will take delegates on a journey of feelings, on the effects of vulvodynia on a couple’s relationship and sex life.

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All delegates are welcome, even if you are not a pelvic floor physiotherapist. This programme will be also of interest to all experts in the field of pelvic floor dysfunction. Registration to the forum includes a drinks reception afterwards which will give you chance to network with the experts and discuss ideas which mutual colleagues.

Come and register for the Physiotherapy forum at the ICS in Gothenburg! If you have already registered for the meeting then just email the registration team here to add to you registration. Keren Abuhasira

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