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Travel Award winners 2012

Wednesday 29 Aug 2012 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS would like to congratulate this year’s winners of the ICS Travel Award for 2012, listed below. The conference travel awards are designed to help meet these objectives by assisting members from key groups who are likely to lack resources to travel and attend the annual meetings. This year we have given an unprecedented 10 awards due to more applications requiring partial funding:

  • Alyaa Mostafa - Research Assistant, Scotland
  • An-Sofie Goessaert – Trainee, Belgium
  • Bahareh Vahabi - Research Assistant, England
  • Catherine Murphy – Resident, USA
  • Di Gu - PHD Student, China
  • Hege Hølmo Johannessen – Physiotherapist, Norway
  • Lesley Hanson – Nurse, Canada
  • Lu Yu Tao – Resident, China
  • Nariman Gadjiev - Assistant Urologist,Russia
  • Petr Holy – Resident, Czech Republic

Congratulations all!

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