WCW 2010 Canada


Many WCW events were held in Canada. A summary of some of these is shown below:

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To celebrate World Continence Week 2010, a fashion show was held in Wal-Mart in Saint John New Brunswick, Canada. Everyone very much enjoyed the day and a good crowd came out to learn all about bladder health. Two photos from the event are shown on the right.

To "celebrate" WCW 2010, Grace Neustaedter RN MN NCA wrote articles in two newsletters about incontinence and prolapse. One newsletter was for a University Fitness club and the other goes out to the family doctors within the city and region of Alberta Canada. Grace also gave a 2 hour presentation to the staff of a rehab hospital, gearing it to UI and stroke survivors. The staff are currently planning to implement an intensive incontinence assessment and intervention plan focusing on this particular group.

Nurse Continence advisors Gina Porter and Frankie Bates celebrated World Continence Week with a presentation at Chateau Champlain Millidgeville, New Brunswick Canada  on "Healthy Bladders for a Healthy Tomorrow" for a large seniors group. Very well attended, a lot of interest.

Nurse continence advisor, Nancy Carson geared up to create awareness for World Continence Week by having a display booth at Shoppers drug Mart, Saint John New Brunswick, Canada. The booth displayed information on World Continence Week, on bladder health, conservative approaches to a better bladder and product display.

Please see the below link for a leaflet produced on The SimpleFacts of Urinary Incontinence:

A Public forum on bladder health was held for World Continence week at Shoppers Drug Mart, Fenwick Towers,Halifax Nova Scotia from 1 to 3 PM . Nurse continence advisors, Emmie Champion and Gloria Connolly were on hand to give advise. All were welcome. The event was well attended.

Three public forums were held by nurse continence advisors Jennifer Skelly and Melissa Northwood to celebrate World Continence Week in Ontario. Large crowds attended: 

"Regaining and Maintaining Bladder Health"

Best Western Brant Park Inn and Conference Centre Brantford, Ontario
Quality Inn St Catherines, Ontario
Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario 

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