WCW USA 2012


Empowering patients / clinicians through public education June 18 - 24, 2012


The International Continence Society identified a need for generating greater awareness of incontinence.  As a result, the ICS designated a World Continence Week (WCW) to occur annually in late June.  Affiliated organizations world-wide, concerned with improving the quality of life for people with urinary and fecal incontinence, promote awareness of this medical condition.

The goals of World Continence Week – USA (WCW-USA) activities are to:

-- Generate awareness and educate patients and clinicians about continence issues;

-- Provide contact points for individuals seeking information about continence;

-- Create a network of events and organizations who provide continence support.

WCW-USA is presenting this event annually in order to create a grass-roots, vital network of information-sharing for this condition affecting over 33 million people in the U.S.  


The focus of the 4th annual WCW-USA is to spread information about incontinence as broadly as possible, and create a more significant, cohesive network of organizations dedicated to this goal.  To do this, WCW-USA will:

•  Launch a campaign to educate via the Website [www.worldcontinenceweek-usa.org][2]

•  Invite a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations, businesses and health professionals to join an effort to promote awareness of incontinence

•  Address topics such as:  breaking myths about incontinence; diagnosing incontinence using a bladder diary; and asking health professionals the right questions

•   Manage a public calendar of WCW-USA events occurring throughout the U.S.

Join Us!

We hope you will help raise awareness and spread the word about incontinence.  To join in, please complete the attached partnership form.  Thank you!   

For more information please see the below: 

[WCW USA 2012][3]

[WCW USA Partnership Information 2012 ][4]

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