World Continence Week Romania 2013


World Continence Week - Romania 2013

Education to improve life of patients with incontinence


The International Continence Society identified a need for generating greater awareness of incontinence. As a result, the ICS designated a World Continence Week (WCW) to occur annually in late June. Affiliated organizations world-wide, concerned with improving the quality of life for people with urinary and fecal incontinence, promote awareness of this medical condition.

The goals of World Continence Week – Romania are to generate awareness and educate patients and clinicians about continence issues and to provide contact points for individuals seeking information about continence.


The focus of the 2013 World Continence Week Romania is to spread information about incontinence as broadly as possible.

• Launch a campaign to educate via the Website

• Organize meetings for patients to chat about incontinence with specialists

• Presentations for GPs done by incontinence specialists at GPs meetings.

Contacts on meetings and informations are to be found on the web site

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