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WCW 2014 will be the 6th ICS World Continence Week 23 -29 June 2014

The Continence Promotion Committee is pleased to announce that the focus this year will be Bladder Diary Day!

The aim of Bladder Diary Day is to collate thousands of Bladder Diaries from people all over the world. The ICS Standardisation Steering Committee plans to use this information to define “normal bladder function”. Watch our introduction video on www.ics.org/diary This page also provides additional information and a copy of the Bladder Diary, once completed these can be uploaded to the website or emailed to diary@ics.org

The ICS office has created Bladder Diary Day promotional materials that can be found in the World Continence Week promotion pack. We have also introduced a Contact Form for World Continence Week event organisers to complete to assist the ICS office in promoting the events on our website and social media.

The Continence Promotion Committee will select one event to be the paragon World Continence Week event to highlight in ICS Newsletters as inspiration to all our members worldwide!

Please click on the below links to find out about events in your area


Cochrane Centre

Urodynamic, Neurourology & Female Urology (UNUFU)

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