Spotlight On: Standardisation Updates

Spotlight On

This session provides an update on the latest Standardisation Steering Committee projects. During this session delegates will hear the latest updates from the Committee Chair and the Chairs of the latest working groups on their reports. Discussions on these draft documents will take place.

Start End Topic Speakers
11:30 11:34 Update from Standardisation Steering Committee Chair Bernard Haylen
11:34 11:37 Questions
11:37 11:41 ICS-IUGA Joint Report on the Terminology for Female Pelvic Floor Fistulae (SSCWG18) Joseph Lee
11:41 11:44 Questions
11:44 11:48 Pelvic Floor Muscle Function and Dysfunction Assessment (SSCWG16) Helena Frawley, Beth Shelly & Melanie Morin
11:48 11:51 Questions
11:51 11:55 Male Lower Urinary Tract and Pelvic floor Dysfunction (SSCWG15) Sender Herschorn, Bernard Haylen & Carlos D'Ancona
11:55 11:58 Questions
11:58 12:00 Summary Bernard Haylen

Come and provide your feedback on the latest ICS Standards!