Where are we with intravesical therapeutics in 2018?

Workshop 2

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Workshop Schedule


Rufus Cartwright


Mauro Cervigni


Pradeep Tyagi


Angie Rantell


Rufus Cartwright
Mauro Cervigni
Pradeep Tyagi
Angie Rantell
Heidi Wendell Brown

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Continence Care Products / Devices / Technologies
Pure and Applied Science / Translational
lower urinary tract symptoms intravesical therapeutics catheter care
Delegates interested in learning more about current and potential applications of intravesical therapeutics and gaining hands-on experience with intravesical instillations

In this 90 minute workshop, delegates will learn about current and potential future applications of intravesical therapeutics and will gain hands-on experience with intravesical instillation. Speakers will cover:

  1. Welcome, overview of the workshop, why intravesical therapeutics are exciting (15 min).
  2. Overview of currently licensed options for IC/BPS (20 min).
  3. Future options under current investigation (20 min).
  4. Best practices in catheterisation for intravesical therapeutics instillation (10 min).
    Hands-on practice with Uropharma’s system for bladder instillations will follow these presentations (25 min).

Learning Objectives

  • 1: To understand how current intravesical therapeutics work. 2: To understand how potential future intravesical therapeutics might work . 3: To be familiar with best practices in catheterisation for intravesical drug delivery.