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Prof Pradeep Tyagi

ICS 2023

Podium Short Oral Session 13 Pelvic Pain and Inflammation 106 Bladder Before Blood (BBB)- Principle For Safe Treatment of Hemorrhagic Cystitis By Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Podium Short Oral Session 18 Research Methods, Models and Techniques in Applied and Pure Science 138 Probing The Interplay of Perfusion and Permeability in Bladder Inflammation

Open Discussion Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 532 Leveraging Log-Linear Relationship of Molecular Weight (Daltons) and Size (Angstrom) to Probe Tight Junctions In Urothelium

Open Discussion Session 33 Open Discussion ePosters 653 Hunner Lesion Obeys Michaelis-Menten Kinetics In Delaying The Elimination of Drugs

Open Discussion Session 33 Open Discussion ePosters 657 Betulinic Acid- A Sibling of Salicylic Acid or A Vehicle With Benefits

ICS 2022

Open Discussion Session 34 Open Discussion ePosters 555 Size Does Matter But Swinging Both Ways (Amphiphilic) Boosts Systemic Uptake of Instilled Drugs

Open Discussion Session 34 Open Discussion ePosters 558 A Tale of Two Drugs in A Cocktail- Therapeutic Effect Twisted by Molecular Weight, Polarity and Volume Of Distribution

ICS 2019

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Autonomic Pharmacology 235 Excitatory Effect of Acotiamide on Nerve Evoked Contractions of Rat and Human Bladder

ICS 2018

Open Discussion Session 28 Open Discussion ePosters 531 Pre-junctional M1 receptor- A Therapeutic Target for Underactive Bladder

Open Discussion Session 28 Open Discussion ePosters 532 Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated cation (HCN) Channels Constrain the Human Detrusor Contractility

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Pradeep Tyagi

ICS Editorial Board Member

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Pradeep Tyagi, Ph.D., MBA is a Research Professor in the urology department at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a translational scientist focused on the basic and clinical science of urological disorders with a track record of conducting research across the translational continuum on drug repurposing, liposomes, functional proteomics, and imaging for benign and malignant lower urinary tract disorders. My academic journey in urology field is propelled by well-rounded education and training in pharmaceutical sciences and a master’s degree in pharmacology from premier medical institute of India (AIIMS, New Delhi). A pivotal milestone of my academic journey was submitting my PhD thesis on intravesical drug delivery under the guidance of Dr. Leaf Huang at the University of Pittsburgh in April 2005. My dissertation research informed the innovation of intravesical contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (ICE-MRI) to generate human bladder pictures that contest the prevailing dogmas of water-tight bladder lining whereas passive storage of urine with minimal energy expenditure is contested by the bladder blood flow measured by DCE-MRI. My work has been recognized by AUA, ICS, and Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology including the 2010 Grand Prize winner of the Lapides essay competition.

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