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Prof Pradeep Tyagi

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Pradeep Tyagi

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Pradeep Tyagi, Ph.D. MBA is the Associate Professor in the urology department at the University of Pittsburgh. I am a basic scientist focused on the clinical and translational science of urological disorders with a track record of conducting research across the translational continuum on drug repurposing, liposomes, and intravesical contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (ICE-MRI) for benign and bladder malignancy. He received his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences under the guidance of Dr. Leaf Huang at the University of Pittsburgh and later completed his postdoctoral training with Dr. Michael Chancellor at University of Pittsburgh to gain expertise in drug development, intravesical drug delivery, and functional proteomics. My work has been recognized by AUA, ICS, and Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology including the 2010 Grand Prize winner of the Lapides essay competition.

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