Cadaver master class for urogynaecologists and female urologists: Anatomical dissection of female pelvis & surgery for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Committee Activity

The cadaver masterclass will include practical sessions with “hands on” fresh frozen cadavers covering the anatomy, various surgical techniques as well as technical tricks for various reconstructive vaginal surgical procedures as well as surgery for urinary incontinence. Delegates will be instructed and guided through the surgical steps of how to perform all the various pelvic organ prolapse as well as anti-incontinence surgeries both abdominal and transvaginal and how to avoid/manage surgically related complications.

Full hands-on workshop female pelvic anatomy and pelvic organ prolapse surgery. At the conclusion of this workshop, the participant will be able to:-
- Identify several anatomical landmarks in the female pelvis (vessels, nerves, ligaments, ureter etc)
- Gain an understanding of the specific topographical anatomy of the female pelvis
- Apply the anatomical knowledge to pelvic organ prolapse and anti-incontinence procedures

The Cadaver Masterclass has been designed for clinicians, surgeons as well as all healthcare providers wanting to advance their knowledge and surgical skills in all areas of female urology, urogynaecology and reconstructive pelvic surgery.

Each workshop will include:
a) didactic sessions covering the anatomy of the pelvis, video presentations of different surgeries, and a “hands-on” session using prosections.
b) “hands on” fresh frozen cadavers covering the surgical techniques. Delegates will also be instructed and guided through the anatomical dissection with the aid of faculty members.


11:3011:40Introduction and Ground Rules 
11:4011:50Move into lab & gown up 
11:5014:30Delegates split up and move around 3 stations conducting 45 mins at each station 
1. Neurological Anatomy 
2. Anatomical Landmarks and ligaments for prolapse surgery 
3. Anatomy of the retzius space, ureteric dissection, anatomy of the presacral space and sacrum