Spotlight On INUS: Bladder Management after SCI: Successes & Challenges

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INUS, the International Neuro-Urology Society, is a non-profit scientific society founded in 2015 by experts in neuro-urology from across the world. It currently has over 400 with members from over 40 countries. Our aims are to increase awareness of neuro-urology and to provide the best possible care for neuro-urological patients worldwide through education (such as courses, lectures, and videos), research and a yearly neuro-urology conference (held at the end of January). INUS is the only society which focuses exclusively on neuro-urology. We welcome a wide variety of healthcare providers with an interest in neuro-urology to become involved – doctors, nurses, physiotherapist and others. Visit our homepage for more information (

Topic of the INUS session: Bladder management after SCI: Successes & Challenges

Dr Blayne Welk will be discussing catheter techniques, materials, and ways to improve bladder related quality of life.

Dr Michael Kennelly will be discussing the appropriate workup and diagnosis of a UTI after SCI, and antibiotic and non-antibiotic treatment options

Dr Marcio Averbeck will be discussing future directions in bladder management after SCI: neuromodulation, microbiome, stem cell therapy.