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Engineering for Better Continence and Pelvic Floor Care


  1. To understand the principles of regenerating tissue (RT) therapies.
  2. To appreciate hurdles for clinical translation of RT.
  3. To identify mechanisms of action of biomaterials and cell-based therapies, for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders.
  4. To explore current initiatives in developing cell-based therapies for incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Why is the topic important?

Current therapies for conditions such as stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse are limited by high rates of recurrence or surgical complications. Bioengineering is emerging as a new technology for regenerating tissues compromised by injury, disease or ageing. Whilst RT offers the potential of improving treatment outcomes, as with all emerging technologies, it is essential to focus on basic scientific and surgical principles, and avoid underestimating the challenges that lie ahead; both scientific and regulatory in progressing to preclinical proof-of-concept studies and clinical trials. The speakers in this roundtable will critically address these issues and provide the latest investigations in bioengineered therapies for continence and pelvic floor care.

17:0017:05IntroductionChris Chapple
17:0517:20The development of new biomaterials for treating stress incontinence and pelvic floor weakness.Sheila MacNeil
17:2017:35Developing a bioengineered therapy for treating and preventing Pelvic Organ ProlapseCaroline Gargett
17:3517:50Clinical trials of cellular therapies for SUI – what have we learnt?Michael Chancellor

This session will be followed by an ICS Live Lounge at 18:00 BST

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18/10/2021 13:37:50