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Pan Pacific Continence Society - Surgical Management of Post-Prostatectomy Incontinence

Pearls In Management of Incontinence and LUT Obstruction After Prostate Cancer Treatment

This session will bring together like-minded urologists with an interest in management of incontinence associated with prostate cancer treatment. It will showcase the quality research and knowledge-sharing which come out of this part of the globe. The PPCS currently has 7 member countries : Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand. The collegiate nature of this group will highlight the importance of international collaboration in the advancement of academic and clinical practice in offering optimal continence and pelvic floor care for our patients. Opportunity exists for discussion with the speakers after this session is completed via a chat-room function.

10:3010:40IntroductionHidehiro Kakizaki and Vincent Tse
10:4010:50Pelvic Floor Muscle Training Before and After Radical Prostatectomy: Where is the Evidence?Harrina Erlianti (Indonesia)
10:5011:00Why Should We Do Urodynamics Before Offering Anti-Incontinence Surgery?Jaysly Lin (Taiwan)
11:0011:10Bothersome Stress Incontinence in the Face of Rising PSA after Radical Prostatectomy with Positive Margin: Anti-Incontinence Surgery BEFORE or AFTER Salvage Radiation?Hitoshi Masuda (Japan)
11:1011:20The Non-adjustable and The Adjustable Male Sling: How Do I Choose Which One To Use?Jang Hwan Kim (Korea)
11:2011:30Pearls in Surgical Technique for AUS Implantation after Pelvic RadiotherapyAudrey Wang (Australia)
11:3011:40Anastomotic or Urethral Stenosis After Radical Prostatectomy: Management PearlsUmaphorn Nuanthaisong (Thailand)
11:4011:50Post-prostatectomy Incontinence in Men Over Age 80 : A Management Perspective from The Country With the Most Octogenarians!Kexin Xu (China)

This session will be followed by an ICS Live Lounge at 12:00 BST. Meet the faculty there!

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18/10/2021 12:06:09