Women’s Sexual Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Round Table Discussion 2

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Wednesday 27th September 2023
14:00 - 15:00
Room 104CD
Capacity: 320
21/06/2024 01:45:02

The aim of this round table is to discuss the most up-to-date evidence and advanced clinical practice on sexual health and pelvic floor function and disorders in women. A multidisciplinary panel of experts in sexology, physiotherapy and urogynecology has been gathered to tackle this important topic. Addressing sexual health issues is an important but challenging aspect of the clinical practice of all healthcare providers working in women’s health. We will benefit from the coaching of a sexologist providing clinical tools and resources to facilitate effective counselling. Moreover, the role of physiotherapists in improving sexual function will be introduced by presenting the involvement of the pelvic floor muscles in sexual function and sexual response. Then, the evidence regarding the effectiveness of pelvic floor physiotherapy modalities in improving sexual function in healthy women and women with sexual pain and pelvic floor disorders will be discussed. The subsequent presentations will expand beyond the pelvic floor muscles to present a novel approach to managing sexual pain through sexual pleasure prescription. Finally, the impact of pelvic organ prolapses and urinary incontinence on sexual function will be addressed, as well as the potential beneficial and deleterious effects of their surgical treatments on sexual function.

Who benefits from this round table? All health professionals interested in sexual health.

Introduction Mélanie Morin, PT, PhD
How are the pelvic floor muscles involved in sexual function? Is pelvic floor physiotherapy effective for improving sexual function? Mélanie Morin, PT, PhD
What are the effects of pelvic floor surgical procedures on sexual function? Anna Padoa, MD, urogynecologist
Clinical tools and skill set for health professionals to address sexual dysfunctions Heather Howard, PhD, MPH, CSC, CSE, IF, sexologist
Managing sexual pain using an approach based on sexual pleasure Dee Hartmann, PT