Develop an interview for the ICS TV

This document has been designed to assist those Working/Committees/individuals who wish to develop an ICS interview for the ICS TV. It sets out the process to be followed to ensure a smooth process from inception to production. All ICS videos should be of high quality content and polished design.

An ICS interview is a short presentation at an ICS event, the ICS office or annual meeting regarding a specific topic, suggested topics are outlined below.

Of note, the current standard for interviews initiated by the ICS office bypasses this process.

Examples of what would be a good fit for an interview include:
• Committee updates - from Chairs or Board of Trustees
• Annual meeting promotion - current AGM Chair, future chair, general experience at events or social events
• Membership promotion - including physiotherapy, nursing or early career professional
• Award winners - including conference travel awards, abstracts, honorary or lifetime achievement

The final product should:
• Have a clear defined specific topic to be presented.
• ICS key words/terms should be used within the video.
• Be ideally less than 3 minutes unless niche content. If longer this should be split into 2 videos or more.
• If the video is to be used on social media subtitles should be included.
• All annual meeting videos should end with “Join me at XXX.”
• All videos should include annual meeting promotion at the end of the video.

Creation of Working/Committees
Please follow the SOP for creation of a working group here.

Disclosure and sponsorship guidelines
Please follow the ICS SOP for Disclosure and sponsorship when creating content here

General Information

  • The presenter(s) of the video must be an ICS member(s) or annual meeting delegate. A committee/working group may assist with the creation of the content.
  • As the content may comprise a clearly defined topic, multi-disciplinary involvement is not necessary although the presenters are encouraged to consider the needs of all disciplines which may view the video.
  • The presenter must ensure that he or she can be clearly understood to an international audience, e.g. clear speech, free of strong accent, speaking at an understandable pace
  • ICS standard terminology should be used throughout.

Interview creation procedure

Stage Action Comment
Proposal Stage Committee prepare proposal. This can be a committee who have decided to prepare an interview
Proposal Stage Unless the interview is to be commissioned by the ICS office, a proposal is sent to ICS Office.Proposal format is according to the ICS Content Proposal Form A clearly defined specific topic and a skilled presenter/host should be identified and confirmed by an ICS staff director and the Board of Trustees. Should a budget be required for the interview this is submitted to Board. Technical quality plans will be reviewed by ICS IT. ICS Office ensure no overlap with other interviews. ICS Office to notify Education, Standardisation committee of proposal in progress. Budget to be approved by Board of Trustees
Preparatory Stage Content, script (if required) are prepared
Publication Stage The video recording will be completed in conjunction with the ICS Office or at event.
Implementation Stage Once the video has been recorded the content is then reviewed by ICS IT for technical quality, edited and the content disseminated via the ICS website, Institute, ICS TV, member emails, social media and other outlets See social media and news SOP for instructions
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